5 Enriching Ribbon Craft Ideas for Your Toddler

5 Enriching Ribbon Craft Ideas for Your Toddler

Summertime is perfect for breaking out the crafts and getting creative. Consider these enriching ribbon craft ideas for your toddler, and don’t be afraid to participate; it can be a fun time for the whole family!

Outdoor Windcatchers

This craft will look beautiful hanging outside in front of a window so your toddler can enjoy it all summer. You’ll need colorful ribbon, a wood circle or wire made into a ring, and some string for this craft. Simply tie the ribbon around the ring and attach the string at the top so it can hang in a tree; this project is also a perfect time for your child to practice their knot-tying skills.

Pencil Ribbon Wands

This craft offers a joyous experience while learning how to hold a pencil and write. You can use ordinary pencils or find some that have cute designs. Take your child’s ribbon of choice and help them tie several strands around the eraser; add some glue to the knot to firmly hold the ribbon in place. This turns the pencil into the perfect magical wand for outdoor adventures and frolicking through the grass this summer.

Dream Catchers

This is another craft that will look great hanging inside or outside your home. Many craft stores offer a dream catcher starter kit, but opt for colorful ribbons instead of string to hang from the edges. You can decorate the dream catcher by attaching feathers and other elements like buttons, beads, and more to the ribbon.


What better way to entice your child to read more than by creating an epic bookmark? Bring out the cardstock, stickers, glue, glitter, and ribbon, then let the kiddos go to town with crafting. Offer guidance, but allow them to do the craft themselves so they can tap into their creative side.

Rainbows Galore

Rainbows are a perfect enriching ribbon craft idea, and creating one with your toddler will help them differentiate the colors of the rainbow. Use white paper to cut out a cloud and adorn it with facial features or any other element your child wants to add. Separate the ribbon by color, and teach your kiddo the order of colors in the rainbow; then glue each ribbon to the cloud and hang up the finished piece so you all can marvel at the craftsmanship.

Allow the kids to have fun with crafts; offer your guidance, but take a step back and see where their creativity takes them. The best way for kids to learn how to do things is through trial and error, and doing so through crafts makes for a less stressful learning environment. These crafts will be fun to make and adored by all when they’re hanging in the house for everyone to see.

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