5 Easy Ways To Personalize a Package

5 Easy Ways To Personalize a Package

When you run a business, you want people to notice and remember you. If you deal with a lot of delivery orders, personalization can spice up your shipments and encourage loyalty from customers. Here are five easy ways to personalize a package.

A Quick Message

Whether it’s a birthday party or a business meeting, everyone appreciates a personal touch that takes a formal event and makes it sentimental. As a business sending packages to customers, find a way to add a quick message that personalizes their experience. People want to see that you care about their business and want to establish a sincere connection with them, so consider adding a quick note to thank them for their purchase. Even handwriting “Hi!” on the inside of your box will improve their product experience.

A Decorative Box

How you present your product matters, and people notice how much effort you put into dressing up the experience. Are you the kind of business that throws your item into a brown cardboard box? Or are you the people who place your product in a colorful, logoed box? Look for ways to add a custom touch to your exterior packaging and decorate your box.

Custom Interior Materials

There are plenty of ways to decorate your box on the inside beyond the obvious ones. Consider using a custom ribbon with a logo like ours at Ribbon By Design for cute, effective decoration that boosts your brand recognition. You can also add custom stickers and labels that explain your mission or give your customers more creative designs to appreciate.

Packages Within Packages

Many companies have mastered the idea of packages within packages. When a customer opens a box and finds another box inside with even more packages, it creates a feeling that they’re getting more than they paid for. While a smartphone would usually come with a charger and a pair of headphones, if you section each of these off and make them a separate packaging experience within the same box, the customer will feel like they’re receiving bonus gifts. Incorporating packages within packages is a simple idea that profoundly impacts the customer experience.

Enticing Promotional Materials

Every package is an opportunity to invite your customer to buy more from you. While you don’t want to overstay your welcome, it never hurts to include enticing promotional materials. Print out a slew of cardstock promo notices that encourage customers to peruse your other selections. Sometimes, all you need is a positive packaging experience with an additional invitation to secure a second purchase.

With these five easy ways to personalize a package in practice, you can make a difference in your customers’ experience. Continue looking for more ways to innovate and improve your packaging and delivery options so that people come back to your business time and again.

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