5 Crafts That Repurpose Your Leftover Ribbon

5 Crafts That Repurpose Your Leftover Ribbon

When planning a project, the smart thing to do is buy more material than you need in case of an accident or mistake. However, this habit can leave you with leftover ribbon and other crafting supplies you don’t know what to do with. Repurpose those scraps and start a new project using Ribbon By Design’s ideas below.

Fringe Keychains

The smaller the scraps are, the more difficult it will be to utilize them in other crafts. A keychain is a fantastic option because it requires minimal material. Purchase a key ring, tie different patterns of ribbon along the loop, and cut the material at different lengths to give the keychain texture and dimension.

Locker Chandelier

The new school year is approaching, and your teen may be itching to decorate their locker. Your child could stand out from other classmates with mundane store-bought locker décor by crafting their own chandelier with leftover ribbon. This popular locker item allows them to add personality to an otherwise dull, old cubby used to store textbooks.

Flower Crown

Summer isn’t over just yet; celebrate the sun setting on this season by crafting a flower crown. These elegant crowns are the ultimate accessory for parties and other special occasions. Use your excess summer ribbon in your favorite colors to create a hair piece you can wear for years to come.

Custom Bookmarks

Encourage your children to read more by pulling out your leftover ribbon and crafting bookmarks. If you don’t have children, consider making one for yourself or a friend who is an avid reader. Repurpose your old materials and use the bookmarks to adorn your books with something unique.

Dainty Flowers

Attaching your ribbons into the shape of dainty flowers make for a great embellishment to add to scrapbooks, hair pins, and any other projects. These will be nice to have in your collection of crafting supplies and the perfect use for smaller scraps of ribbon.

Don’t throw away your leftover ribbon and materials from projects. You can always repurpose items—no matter how small. If you’re having difficulty coming up with ideas, try the crafts above to get the creative juices flowing.

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