5 Candy Packaging Ideas To Create Brand Awareness

5 Candy Packaging Ideas To Create Brand Awareness

Many of us, from children to older adults, consume chocolate and candy regularly. Because many of us are fond of these sweets, you should capitalize on your company’s opportunity to create brand awareness through candy packaging ideas. The more customers recognize your candy, the more likely they will purchase it. Use some of our packaging ideas below to set your brand apart from the competition.

Emphasize Your Logo

Is there a specific symbol or graphic you want your customers to recognize instantly? Oftentimes, the logo is the most prevalent design on a package that indicates who makes it. Emphasize your logo on your packaging design so that customers can’t miss your business’s specific version of a certain candy.

Choose Colors Wisely

Take a look at how your competitors use colors on their packaging. Are there combinations of colors that coincide with their brand? For example, original M&Ms wouldn’t be the same without their brown package. Choose your colors wisely because they can invoke certain emotions in customers, and shoppers will likely associate that color with your brand from now on.

Include Your Brand’s Story

Many businesses leave room on their product packaging to tell their brand’s story. Small product blurbs are appealing and catch the attention of anyone who picks up the package. Instead of a cut-and-dry product description, give your candy personality by writing an exciting blurb about your business or the sweet.

Add Dimension to the Package

Adding dimension to your packaging through different types of finishes and materials can help you create brand awareness and set yourself apart from the competition. For example, you might use foil stamping to enhance and add texture to graphics or printed ribbon with your business name to add dimension and aesthetics. However, don’t go overboard with your designs because you don’t want to overcrowd the package with too many ideas.

Be Consistent Throughout Your Packaging

Everything you do at your business, from creating products to designing packaging, generates brand awareness. Our last candy packaging idea to create brand awareness is to be consistent throughout your designs. Everything you place on the packaging directly reflects your brand’s values and mission. Be consistent with how you present your brand so that customers know exactly what it’s all about.

Creating candy packaging is one of the best things when marketing sweets because you can use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your designs and be quirky. Remember your brand’s values throughout the design process to ensure you’re curating the best packaging for your candy and sweets. What ideas do you have for your candy packaging?

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