4 Tips To Make Your Scrapbook Unforgettable

4 Tips To Make Your Scrapbook Unforgettable

Are you an avid scrapbooker? Stop creating pages that look the same and start adding unique elements to make your scrapbook unforgettable. Feel free to use our ideas and add your personality and make the ultimate masterpiece.

1. Embroider a Map

A scrapbook is a perfect way to capture travel memories. Take a map of the place you visited and embroider the outline of the region. You can also create a path from where you started the journey to your destination. This is a fun way to show your explorations and provides a unique visual effect on the page.

2. Add Journaling Cards

You can find journaling cards all over your local craft store. Journaling cards oftentimes have quotes on them, which works perfectly for your scrapbook. Keep a stash of them in your supplies and pull them out when you want to add a cute quote or two to your scrapbook page.

3. Seal in Pressed Flowers

What better element to add to your scrapbook than one that comes from nature? You can buy pressed flowers or hunt near your home for native plants and flowers to attach to your project. Because these plants become fragile when they dry, make sure you put some protective coating or cellophane over them.

4. Decorate With Paint Cards

Pick out some paint cards from the store and add them to your project for a monochromatic look. Take it an extra step and find wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the yard to attach to paint cards. They can create an excellent outline for paint cards on the scrapbook page. You can even cut out different shapes from the cards so that they weave in more smoothly with the theme.

What kind of unique elements do you add to your scrapbook? Never be afraid to try new things and experiment. You may end up loving the results! Crafting anything is a process that requires trial and error but using these tips will surely make your scrapbook unforgettable.

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