4 Quick and Easy Ribbon Bows for Beginners

4 Quick and Easy Ribbon Bows for Beginners

The bow is an art form that adds elegance and texture to gifts and décor. Yet, these fancy ties require some careful manipulation to fashion the perfect bow. If you need some pointers, here are four quick and easy ribbon bows for beginners.

Basic Bow

Depending on the kind of bow you have, you will likely have a fabric that’s both supple and firm. The basic bow takes advantage of these qualities, yielding two large loops with two straight pieces flowing from the bottom. These elongated pieces add to the length and fullness of the bow when placed as décor. The basic bow is a staple of ribbon design and will give any work a truly classic look.

Floral Bow

Floral bows are beautiful and relatively simple to create. Though many florists utilize this design to mimic their flowers, this bow is perfect for any event or gift. The floral bow boasts eight loops in total, with two short, straight pieces trailing at the bottom. The tie cinches around the middle to make the bow look like a flower with petals bursting from the center. With this bow type, the dense loops are the focal point, providing a rich, textured appearance.

Double Bow

The double bow is a cute option great for small spaces. As the name suggests, the double bow design yields two loops on each side of the knot. You can easily make this bow by wrapping ribbon around your fingers and looping the ends through to make the center tie. If you make double bows on your fingers, you’ll have a smaller bow you can use where other décor may loom too large.

Gift Bow

Gift bows may look ominous at first, but they’re relatively easy to create. You roll and fold the ribbon through its entire length. Then, you cut into the middle from both sides and tie it in place with a small wire. From there, you pull and twist each loop until you have your full bow. These dome-shaped bows offer serious volume, perfect for any gift. For example, if you throw your child an ocean-themed birthday party, you can fold up some nautical ribbon into the perfect bow.

Whether you need an elegant touch for a stately event or a spunky flair for a birthday party, these four quick and easy ribbon bows for beginners are the perfect place to start. If you have any questions about which ribbon is right for your creation, reach out to us at Ribbon By Design for some professional input.

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