4 Personalized Ribbon Designs That Will Make You Want One

4 Personalized Ribbon Designs That Will Make You Want One

Weddings, bridal showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, baptisms, birthdays, retirement parties—every special occasion deserves some special treatment. And while sometimes it feels like people are focused on the big things, the little touches really make a celebration stand out. Here are a few examples of outstanding personalized ribbons made for special days in people’s lives.

PB&J’s wedding ribbon

PB&J’s Wedding Ribbon

What do you do when you realize your initials are the same as everyone’s favorite childhood sandwich? Turn it into an adorable and memorable wedding theme. The ribbon not only sports the bride and groom’s initials and wedding date, but it also boasts a wildly clever logo: slices of bread topped with a jam-colored or peanut butter-colored heart. This personalized ribbon is almost too delicious.

For their wedding, Sadie and Ryan went with simple elegance

Wedding ribbon for Sadie and Ryan

The Finnochis took two different approaches

Wedding ribbon for the newly married Finnocchis

These personalized ribbon designs for the newly married Finnocchis really focus on a great wedding logo in two very different ways. The light pink ribbon is an artful, almost fragile design that places focus on the date and showcases bold floral embellishments. The gold ribbon has a heavier, more formalized version of their custom logo, set against a subtle floral pattern. Initials combined with a date make for a simple and stylish icon that can go on everything from invitations to place cards on tables, and using it here on the ribbon is another great addition.

Keeping more than memories

Personalized ribbon for Gaetano’s baptism

For Gaetano’s baptism, this unique centerpiece was highlighted with a personalized ribbon and the date of this important occasion. Friends and family no doubt took these souvenirs and tucked them away in keepsake boxes, tied them to car visors, or laid them in books as sentimental and beautiful bookmarks; now they always have a reminder for this special moment in Gaetano’s life.

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