4 Fresh & Fun Ideas for Springtime Gift Wrap

4 Fresh & Fun Ideas for Springtime Gift Wrap

Spring is the time for new beginnings and transformation. And now is the time to transform your gift wrap from the winter and Valentine’s theme to a fresh new springtime feel! Don’t keep repurposing the same ideas for gift wrapping. Consider something different this season with our fresh and fun springtime gift wrap ideas.

White Paper With Colorful Floral Embellishments

If you’re a minimalist who appreciates small pops of color, this is the gift wrap idea for you. While plain white wrapping paper can be stark and mundane, adding floral embellishments can bring the present to life with subtle color. Our favorite way to do this wrapping method is to cover your gift with all-white paper, tie a string of twine around the box, and then tuck a few flowers (stems and all) under the twine!

Pro Tip: if you don’t like the look of white wrapping paper, try kraft paper. It achieves the same look and feel!

Pictures Attached With Ribbon

Are you more of a sentimental or nostalgic person? Attaching pictures to your gift wrap is the perfect way to showcase this gift’s sentiment to you and the person you’re giving it to. We recommend wrapping your present in a solid color to keep everything elegant. Cut small slits in the top of your pictures and use pastel ribbon from Ribbons By Design to tie and weave everything onto the gift wrap!

Use a Wax Seal Instead of Tape

When you don’t have time to run to the store to pick up more tape, or you want to keep the process of wrapping this present simple yet fun, consider using a wax seal. To make this easier to understand, use tape to secure the paper in whichever color or pattern you choose. Then, instead of sealing the gift wrap with tape at the top, stamp a wax seal onto the paper for a subtle touch of sophistication. This is a fun way to hint at what’s in the present or to add a small embellishment.

Turn the Present Into an Animal

This fresh and fun springtime gift wrap idea is perfect for the kiddos! While the above ideas are more luxurious, this one allows you to tap into your creative side and be silly with your wrapping paper. Start with wrapping your present in a solid color, preferably the color of the animal you’re creating, and use craft paper to cut out shapes that you can glue onto the wrapping paper to assemble the animal. Typically, this is a bunny or rabbit in spring, but feel free to create whatever the recipient likes.

Whether you’re wrapping a gift for a baby shower, birthday, graduation, or any other occasion, these springtime gift wrap ideas will surely put a smile on the recipient’s face! Which one of these ideas will you try first?

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