4 Fashion Hacks That Include Ribbon in Your Clothing

4 Fashion Hacks That Include Ribbon in Your Clothing

Ribbon has a detailed history of usage in clothing dating back to the 18th century. The material was prevalent in the textile industry and appeared in garments, cloaks, and dresses.

Today, ribbon remains just as popular as it was in its humble beginnings. Ribbon remains a crafty addition to any wardrobe and has innovative uses in blouses, trousers, and accessories.

In this article, we’ll explore four fashion hacks that include ribbon in your clothing.

Lace Ribbons on Boxy Sweaters

Boxy sweaters are soft and comfortable yet loosen or lose shape with washes. You can reintroduce curvature into your looser garments by lacing ribbon on the front or back just as you would on a corset.

This valuable hack also works well with t-shirts. However, you'll need to create holes before threading the ribbon.

Add Ribbons to a Little Black Dress

Is your favorite black dress looking drab in your closet? You can refreshen its look by adding a playful ribbon harness! You can utilize black, sparkly strands to match the overall aesthetic of your attire or a soft pink option for a more delicate touch that balances the look.

Use Ribbons As Belts

While this hack isn't as functional as the others, it's still a fashion-forward tip to elevate your attire. Using your ribbon of choice, tie the material around your waist and finish off with a bow for a pretty focal point on your ensemble.

Create Ribbon Halters

Strapless shirts and dresses have a divided fanbase. On the one hand, you have people in love with the freedom and movement they allow. On the other, some loathe the idea of adjusting their clothing throughout the night.

Luckily, you can create a halter with a ribbon and secure it with a safety pin for a temporary fix. For a more permanent solution, consider sewing the halter attachment in.

Fashion hacks that include ribbon in your clothing are the best kind! Incorporating these tips allows you to continue a beloved practice while adding a sophisticated touch to your everyday attire. Here at Ribbon By Design, we take pleasure in helping you locate the best materials for your fashion ventures.

Our catalog includes custom printed ribbons designed to make each project unique and luxurious. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have further questions.

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