3 Tips and Tricks for Using Grosgrain Ribbon

3 Tips and Tricks for Using Grosgrain Ribbon

Ribbon is a versatile craft supply that you can use for a multitude of projects. Our tips and tricks for using grosgrain ribbon will get your creativity flowing. You’ll be itching to start a project after this quick read. Because of the simplicity of the grosgrain ribbon, it can act as a creative element in just about any project or décor item.

Embroider With Grosgrain

Thinking outside the box, you should consider embroidering your clothes with grosgrain ribbon. This means you could line the pockets of your pants, the collar on your shirt, the sleeves on your jacket, and more. Adding a pop of color and texture to your clothes with grosgrain will make your outfits stand out because you can’t find them anywhere else.

In addition to embroidering, you can use this ribbon to hem and repair frayed ends on your jeans or shirts. This allows you to save money by not buying a new pair of jeans. It also adds more style to your wardrobe. Think of them as a brand new pair of pants to add to your collection.

Scrapbook With Grosgrain

If you’re a crafter, you should be no stranger to scrapbooking. When you add a scrapbook element, you normally think of a flat component that sticks to the page. However, don’t be afraid to try different things and create tassels or bookmarks out of ribbon that make your scrapbook more three-dimensional.

There are no rules for using ribbons; you can place them in whatever manner you see fit. If you want your scrapbook to be flatter, you can add borders to the pages with ribbon or use it as an accent to photos and quotes.

Make Bows With Grosgrain

The most obvious trick for using grosgrain ribbon and the most straightforward is tying the ribbon into a bow. You can design these bows to be larger or smaller to fit any kind of application.

In reality, a bow can go on literally anything and everything. Add the bow to gifts, on the doorknobs in your home, and even style your hair with one! The best part is that you can redo them. Or, if you no longer need the bow, you can untie it and reuse the ribbon for a different project.

What type of project do you plan on starting with your grosgrain ribbon? The possibilities are limitless so let your imagination run wild. Reuse your ribbon to your heart’s content and start crafting your next treasure.

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