3 Scary DIY Ribbon Crafts for This Halloween

3 Scary DIY Ribbon Crafts for This Halloween

With the creepiest time of them all swiftly approaching, crafting is in full spooky mode! The ghouls and goblins of the season are out, and inspiration overcomes you. Why not take advantage of your creative kick and explore these three scary DIY crafts for this Halloween that are easy and fun to make?

Witch Hat Ribbon Sculpture

Creating this cool craft involves five to six different ribbons, mainly grosgrain and seasonal printed. Using the variety, cut and layer your material in the order you’d like to use them. With a needle and thread, start by sewing through the center of the first ribbon and incorporate your layers until the craft has a stacked, fanned appearance.

Fold your bow accordion-style, wrap the thread tightly around the center of your new bow, and secure with a knot. Finish the project with a ribbon on the hat, and you have a beautiful add-on for a headband.

Pumpkin Rosettes

These rosettes dress up your freshly picked pumpkins if carving isn‘t your style. Make a knot at the end of your ribbon and fold it underneath to create these flowers. Keeping your hot glue gun by your side, twist the ribbon and glue every few twists.

Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect rosette, as they are all unique and beautiful. As the rosette gets bigger, you won‘t have to twist the ribbon as much. At this point, you can focus on making smaller folds until you reach the desired size. Then, cut and glue the tail under your finished rosette. After it the glue dries, you can add embellishments for a bedazzled look.

Spooky Ribbon Mobile

Transform a simple plant holder with ribbon scraps for a ghoulish sight with a ribbon mobile. You‘ll need an ample amount of ribbon for this one, so old and new ribbons work perfectly as long as the material stays within the theme.

Tie as many pieces of ribbon as you can fit around the top and bottom of the plant holder. Afterward, trim the material at various lengths to create layers and texture. Adding embellishments, like mini skull heads, bring an extra scary element to your finished craft.

These three scary Halloween DIY ribbon crafts are just what you need to welcome the spooky season. If you find yourself running out of material, allow Ribbon By Design to assist you! We have an impressive catalog of custom printed ribbons for everything from large crafting projects to seasonal pieces. Don‘t hesitate to browse our selections today.

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