3 Decorative Ways To Use Grosgrain Ribbon

3 Decorative Ways To Use Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon can be a small yet significant embellishment to many crafts. It’s a craft staple that provides beautiful finishing touches to projects of all sizes, from hair accessories to home décor. This material is highly durable, elegant, and customizable.

Here are three decorative ways to use grosgrain ribbon in your future craft projects.

Spice up Your Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are lovely preservers of memories that benefit from adornments and decorations. You can use your grosgrain ribbon as an outline to border precious photos and create visual depth. Adding flowers and bows as delicate accents also creates a bit of character to make each page unique.

When you’re looking for complete customization, consider using grosgrain ribbon to restore and bind old scrapbooks that need TLC. The material is strong enough to allow full functionality when opening and closing books.

Home and Office Décor

Grosgrain has many uses for home or office décor. For example, you can freshen up a worn lampshade by adhering strips of material on top. Or you can decorate the walls in your home by attaching grosgrain ribbon to photo frames.

Create small trinkets like flowers and fun shapes to adorn your desk, computer monitor, and boards. Leftover grosgrain is a phenomenal material you can use to decorate things at work events to promote your business.

Spicing up your office environment is a breeze when you have endless possibilities to work with.

Fashion and Hair Accessories

You can elevate your style with a few grosgrain fashion accessories. Create vibrant hair bows, hair clips, and jewelry sets to add personality to ensembles. You can showcase grosgrain in bridal attire by integrating accent bows on the back of the bodice or as part of a belt.

There are several decorative ways to use grosgrain ribbon in your craft projects. Whether incorporating material in party décor or adding to an intricate table display, the ribbon is the missing link in your crafting collection.

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