Exciting Ribbon Crafts To Try With Others

Exciting Ribbon Crafts To Try With Others

While some crafters look to the ribbon as an accent to a special gift or party favor, there's more to ribbon than meets the eye. With enough material, you can create intricate pieces that can complement your wardrobe, home, or make a sweet gift to family and friends. But of course, why craft alone when you can make it a party? Here are some exciting ribbon crafts to try with others that you won’t want to miss.

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are eye-catching décor for holidays and every day in between! The possibilities are endless. You can use as much ribbon as your heart desires to create bold, intricate patterns. Ribbon is also great for finishing projects with small, pretty accents or designs.

Ribbon Hairclips

Dress up your usual bun or ponytail with a vibrant and bold hairclip. You can create hair accessories based on how difficult they are to make. For example, you can start with simple, elegant bows and, once you've mastered the basics, you can move on to more detailed hair clips with extra color.

Ribbon Jewelry Set

Who says you need costly jewelry to feel luxurious? You can create something using a previously owned piece of jewelry or imagine something entirely new! Create a matching set with ribbon earrings and a corresponding necklace or tassel earrings and a ribbon-crafted bracelet.

Ribbon Flip Flops

You can spruce up old flip-flops with scrap ribbon! Curl the ribbon and add bits of tulle for a fun, colorful revamp.

Ribbon Crown and Wand

Everyone adores a beautiful flower crown; however, a crown can truly shine with a few bits of ribbon. If you want to make a wand to go with your crown, wind several colorful strands of ribbon around a wooden dowel. Ta-da! You have yourself a magical combination.

Ribbon Shade

Breathe life into your lampshades with vibrant ribbon. By using glue and leftover ribbon, you can make a lampshade feel new with this easy DIY.

Ribbon Toys

If you’re a crafter with kids, you undoubtedly have some homemade toys. Accent your homemade toys with ribbons for added fun, color, and stimulation. When finished, gift your cute crafts to a family friend, your children, or a loved one.

It's incredible what a singular piece of ribbon can create, which is why trying these exciting ribbon crafts with others is such an experience! Let your creativity soar and make beautiful, heartfelt gifts that are filled with memories.

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