5 Ribbon Crafts You Can Sell at a Fundraiser Event

5 Ribbon Crafts You Can Sell at a Fundraiser Event

You might be wondering what you can do to help if you’ve been asked to contribute to help fundraise for your kid’s school or your favorite non-profit organization. Should you make baked goods or put together a raffle basket? Crafts are a great way to have fun while helping fundraise. You can’t go wrong with these five ribbon crafts you can sell at a fundraiser event!

1. Custom-Made Hair Accessories

Creating hair accessories using ribbon is an excellent way to make beautiful and stylish pieces that will appeal to a wide audience. You can opt for simple yet elegant hair ties or create intricate designs like bows, headbands, and flower clips. Selling custom hair accessories is a surefire way to raise funds, as they are both functional and fashionable.

2. Elegant Bookmarks

Fashioning bookmarks using printed grosgrain ribbon can offer readers a sophisticated touch to their reading experience. You can create a variety of captivating designs that will appeal to literature lovers of all ages by adding embellishments like beads, charms, or tassels. Offering elegant bookmarks as merchandise during your fundraiser effectively entices donors who share your affinity for the written word.

3. Chic Keychains and Lanyards

Crafting chic keychains and lanyards using ribbon is a winning fundraiser option for individuals who value both practicality and style. You can create a versatile range of keychains and lanyards that cater to various tastes by selecting an assortment of ribbon patterns, colors, and lengths. They make fantastic fundraising products, as people always look for stylish ways to keep track of their keys and IDs.

4. Decorative Wreaths

Creating decorative wreaths with ribbon is an elegant way to fashion eye-catching crafts that adorn homes throughout the year. You can produce wreaths for different seasons and occasions by incorporating various materials, such as burlap or florals. Selling beautiful, custom-made wreaths can help enhance your fundraiser’s success, as shoppers often look for unique, handcrafted decorations.

5. Festive Ornaments

Incorporating ribbon into festive ornaments provides a luxurious touch to holiday decorations. You can create bespoke ornaments for various holidays and celebrations by using ribbon in tandem with materials like glass baubles, wood, or clay. Offering a selection of exquisite ornaments at your fundraiser event will capture the interest of attendees looking to elevate their seasonal decorations.

The versatility and sophistication of ribbon make it an excellent choice for creating an array of ribbon crafts you can sell at a fundraiser event. The various craft ideas outlined above cater to diverse tastes and preferences, increasing your chances of fundraising success. With a focus on high-quality products and elegant design, your ribbon crafts will make a lasting impression on potential donors, driving engagement and raising substantial funds for your cause.

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