4 Types of Labels Found on Popular Clothing Brands

4 Types of Labels Found on Popular Clothing Brands

When you design high-quality, luxury clothing, attention to detail is everything. From the carefully selected materials to the intricate designs and patterns, every aspect of a garment tells a story—and that includes the labels. The types of labels on popular clothing brands are often overlooked. Set up your clothing brand for success by learning what labels you should add to your items.

Material and Care Labels

Every garment must include material and care labels. These labels provide information about the fabric composition and care instructions. Material labels should list the percentages of each fabric in the garment, while care labels provide directions for washing, drying, and ironing. This information is essential to preserve the quality of the clothing.

Designer and Brand Labels

An essential part of any designer ensemble is the name behind it. Designer and brand labels allow consumers to identify their favorite high-end designers at a glance. These labels often feature the brand's logo to create a bond between the brand and its customers.

Size Labels

Size labels indicate the garment’s size to the customer. These labels often blend into the garment's design; they can be woven or printed, which adds to the unique character of the garment.

Decorative and Personalized Labels

Luxurious garments often come with decorative labels that elevate the brand's vibe. They can range from the iconic red tab of a certain denim brand to custom monograms on tailored garments. These labels signify exquisite artistry and a sense of individuality in a world of luxury fashion.

Try Labeling Your Clothes With Ribbon

You can make labels from numerous materials. If you want your brand to stand out, consider using luxury ribbon as your label material to enhance the presentation of your brand. These ribbons are visually striking, and you can customize them to blend with your garment's design. This touch of opulence sets your luxury fashion brands apart from ordinary clothing labels.

Understanding the types of labels found on popular clothing brands is essential for any clothing brand owner who values attention to detail. These label types serve a specific purpose and contribute to the visual appeal and care for the clothes. Next time you’re designing a new line for your brand, remember which labels to add and consider using luxury ribbon for a unique spin on labels!

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