Soccer ball Face mask holder lanyard 24" long with vinyl snap fittings printed on 5/8" Ultra Lanyard fabric

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24" mask holder with soft plastic snap closures printed with a soccer ball design printed on both sides on  5/8" Ultra Lanyard material are perfect for children and adults for keeping track of face masks at school, sports practice, lunch and break time.

Hold on to your mask! Mask holders  24" long with Soccer balls printed on the highest quality 5/8" wide Ultra lanyard material with soft plastic snap closures that are silent and easy for little hands and big hands to use. These soft light weight face mask holders are perfect for helping to keep track of your mask during rest periods, lunch and other activities when a mask is removed. These mask holders are ideal for school children, sports coaches, teachers, medical workers, grocery workers, delivery drivers and retail workers who must wear a mask for the duration of the work day.   Our mask holders are printed using dye sublimation technology and will not fade or peel They are fully washable but should be air dried. All our products are designed and made in the USA.